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Marcos Caballero

Born in San Juan, raised in Carolina, Marcos Caballero discovered his passion for photography when he first experimented with a pinhole camera. Until then, photography was just a hobby and the perfect excuse to shoot the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico. It wasn't until he got a freelance gig as a photojournalist for a renounced media company in Puerto Rico that Caballero knew he was going to make photography and videography his career. 

In June 2013 he proceeded to gather a group of colleagues and friends who were just as passionate as him for graphic images and founded Sky Lens Media. Together, they have gained the trust of renounced brands like Heineken, Kraft, T-Mobile, ConAgra, AT&T, Sangría Cayo Buí, RAL Companies as well as Puertorrican singer and songwriter, Millo Torres. 

Caballero has gained an impeccable reputation among his network for having a great eye, being a perfectionist and going above and beyond for his clients.

In 2016 he completed his bachelors degree in Interior Architecture with a minor in Photography and Business Administration.

But to this day, his biggest accomplishment is being the dad of his rescue dog, Lucas Andrés.